Compact B1

Unit 1

to go to lessons, usually at school

attend classes

to go to lessons, usually at school

unhappy because something wasn't as good as expected or didn't happen

take food from home to school to eat at lunchtime

eat a packed lunch

somebody you write to on the internet but haven't met

e-pal (n)

fond of


liking something a lot

get good grades

to do well at school; to get good marks

get rid of

to throw something away or to give it to someone because you no longer want or need it

to take part in a trip arranged by the school, usually to learn something

go on a school trip

to give work to your teacher

hand in homework

when you admire or respect someone or something



good at


successful; able to do something well

to become a member of a club that takes place when normal school lessons have finished

join an after-school club


fell happy and excited about something that is going to happen

look forward to

to entertain people by dancing, singing, acting or playing music

perform on stage


to make someone agree to do something by talking to them a lot about it



убеждать кого-либо в чем-либо

a sports area for sports like football, hockey and rugby



someone or something that makes sure other people behave themselves and don't break the rules




a list of foods and a set of instructions telling you how to cook something



to start doing a particular activity or job

take up

to study a lot

work hard

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