Фразовый глагол go упражнения

Фразовый глагол go упражнения

Упр. 1  Вставьте слова из  в предложения:

in      into     off     on     on     out    over     with

  1. Remember to go ____ your essay checking for grammar and spelling mistakes before you hand it in to the teacher.
  2. The bag really goes _______ your shoes.
  3. I’ll just go and find out what’s going _______ outside.
  4. He is planning to go ________ for politics after graduating from university.
  5. Please close the door as you go ______.
  6. I’d rather not go _____ detail now. can we discuss it later?
  7. Stop talking and go _______ writing!
  8. This bacon smells awful. I think it’s gone _________.


Упр.2 Read and translate the text, pay your attention to the phrasal verb go:

Amelia’s story

Amelia has been going through the difficult time at work, so she decided to cheer herself up by going in for a competition. The prize was a luxury holiday in the Carribean. Amelia has had to go without a holiday for several years now, so she really wanted to win. The competition was to write a story beginning ‘Suddenly the lights went out … . The problem was that Amelia could not think of an idea for the story.

‘How can I go about getting  a good idea?,’ she asked me. ‘It must be something special so that the judges go for my story over all the others.’ I suggested she went to the library to go through some books of short stories – she might get some ideas there. So she went off to see what she could find.

She soon found some great stories. She read one and then another and she went on reading all afternoon. Then she noticed a strange smell and suddenly the lights went out. She looked up and saw that the library was on fire. Of course that gave her the idea for the story. I hope she wins.

going through – experiencing an unpleasant or difficult situation

go in for – doing or competing in

go without – not have something you usually have

went out – stopped giving light

go about – start to do or deal without something

go for – choose

go through – examine the contents of something very carefully

went off – left a place to go to somewhere else

went on – continued


Упр.3 Complete the text, using the particles from the exercise 2:

      I was going _______ some old letters the other day when I found one from my friend Nancy. After high school she had gone _______ to train as a doctor and ended up in Africa. She had to go ______ years of very hard study before she qualified. Life in Africa was not as comfortable as it was in our hometown, and there were many things she had to go _______ which the rest of us think of as necessities in our daily lives. But despite all the hardships, she went _____ working and helping people less fortunate than herself. I admire her so much. I wondered how I might go _______ making contact with her again, as I have no idea where she is living now.


Упр.4  Rewrite these sentences using phrasal verbs with go so that they keep the same meaning. Перепишите эти предложения используя фразовый глагол go так, чтобы они не потеряли смысл первого предложения:

  1. I’m thinking of competing in the New York Marathon next year.
  2. There were some difficult times in my father’s life.
  3. Unemployment and high crime levels often exist side by side.
  4. He decided to undergo the operation even though there were risks.
  5. I refused to support their decision to close the youth club.
  6. I didn’t realise how late it was and I didn’t stop studying till after midnight.
  7. We had to survive with no hot water for 24 hours while they were repairing the pipes.
  8. Do you think I should try the advanced level exam? It might be too difficult.
  9. She just left without saying goodbye. I wonder if I offended her?
  10. What was happening in the staffroom at lunchtime? I heard someone shouting.



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