Many / much / few / little / a few / a little. Упражнения

Прочитайте текст. Вставьте в пропуски many, much, few, a few, litle, a little.

      Playing computer games is one of the most popular leisure actvities. There are so ______ new games on the market that teenagers spend most of their free time exploring them. Playing computer games doesn’t require _______ intelligence but rather some experience. With ________ practice, you can achieve relatively good results. Unfortunately, young people spend too _______ time in front of their computers and too ______ time doing sports. Another problem is that they read very _________, too. ________ teenagers would prefer to read a book rather than to play a computer game. If this trend continues, in _______ years teens will have _____ trouble with both their health and education. That is why _____ parents are against computer games.

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