Описание характера человека. Упражнения.

Упр.1 Дополните пары прилагательными, противоположными по значению (lazy, confident, strong, generous, clever, dishonest, nasty, patient, impolite, quiet, rude)


mean –

honest –

hard-working – 

weak –

talkative –

modest – 

stupid –

shy –

funny –

polite –

impatient –

nice – 


Упр.2 How would you describe these people? (Как бы вы описали этих людей?)

  1. Millie didn’t talk to many people at the party. ____________
  2. Tom often tells lies. ___________________
  3. Mike only had one sandwich, but he shared it with me. _____________
  4. Bill often interrupts people when they are talking. __________________
  5. Sally loves talking. _________________
  6. Harriet always comes top of the class. __________________
  7. Tom threw stones at the cat. _____________________
  8. Max never helps with the housework. __________________
  9. Sue is always telling jokes. __________________
  10. Jo hates waiting for people. _____________________-


Упр.3 Listen to four people describing their family members. Match two adjectives with each person. There are two extra adjectives. (Прослушайте четырех человек, описывающих членов своих семей. Выберите по два прилагательных для каждого человека. Здесь два лишних прилагательных):

funny    generous      hard-working      honest      modest     nasty    patient    rude   shy    talkative

  1. Terry’s uncle –

2. Julie’s mum –

3. Martin’s sister –

4. Emma’s sister –





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