Образец письма личного характера

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Steve who writes:

… At school we are doing projects on reading habits of people in different countries. Do you enjoy reading? Who is your favourite writer? Could you tell me what kind of books you and your parents like reading?
As for the family news, my sister got married last week…

Write a letter to Steve.
In your letter
– answer his questions
– ask 3 questions about his sister’s husband
Write 100-140 words.

                                                                                     10 June

          Dear Steve,

          Thanks a lot for your letter. I haven’t heard from you for ages. I’m sorry I haven’t answered earlier but I was  busy with my school.

           In your letter you asked me about the reading habits in my family. Well, my parents usually read modern novels. However, they wouldn’t mind reading about the life of well-known people.  As for me, I enjoy reading and I read a lot in my spare time. I’m fond of detective stories because they have interesting story lines. My favourite writer is Agatha Christie because her stories are always fascinating. 

           Anyway, I’m glad your sister got married. How old is your husband? Is he a student? What kind of music does he enjoy?

           I’m sorry, I have to go now as I promised my mum to go shopping with her. 

           Please write back!

          All the best,


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